New Vehicle Quality Takes A Hit

Before we all panic. Let’s make sure Mary Barra didn’t fill out eighty thousand surveys voicing concerns about a metaphorical Tesla.
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New Vehicle Quality Takes A Hit

JD Power released some data that is turning heads. Apparently, a few years of supply shortages have caused quantity shortages and led to some new vehicle quality letdowns. 

This is the 36th year of the survey, and it asked 223 questions. 84k new car buyers responded, showing an 11% drop in new vehicle quality year-over-year. 

🤔Still working out the fine details... Electric vehicles took a specifically direct poke in the findings. The "Problems per 100 vehicles" industry average was 180, while Polestar and Tesla came in at 328 and 226, respectively.  

🗓Year-over-year. JD Power has never recorded quality changes this sharp. The last significant single drop was 3%, compared to 11% this year. 

🌞Brighter days? To improve quality and customer experience, Automakers are trying a few things. Some are removing content from models to prioritize other features. The only guaranteed solution to the issues will be stability returning to the global supply chain. 

👍Not all bad. By nature of averages, half of OEMs did surpass the industry average problems per vehicle, but some did see year-over-year quality improvement. Buick, Dodge, Chevrolet, and especially GM had significant gains.

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