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Portugal powered its entire country with 100% renewables for nearly a week. ♻️
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Power Tech Around The World

🔆 Portugal's Renewable Marathon: For an impressive six days, Portugal powered its entire country with 100% renewables - a mix of wind, hydro, and solar. This green feat not only cared for the planet but also dropped electricity prices to near zero.

🌬️ Beyond Tradition: Embracing a diverse energy portfolio, Portugal is upping its solar game, enhancing wind power, and pioneering deep-sea floating wind turbines.

🌞 Saudi Arabia's Solar Milestone: The Kingdom has unveiled the world's largest solar power plant, marking a significant shift from its oil-rich history towards sustainable energy.

These global strides highlight the transformative power of renewables, promising a brighter, cleaner future. Stay tuned as we continue to track these exciting developments!

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