Recycled and Electric Roads

Cars are getting more advanced. Why not upgrade the roads too?
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Recycled and Electric Roads

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roads are passing tests in 5 states.

  • No microplastic run-off so far.
  • Reuses hard-to-recycle forms of plastic.
  • It uses plastic in an asphalt mixture, so the formula can vary.

Some successful instances include a road in Hawaii containing about 150K water bottles worth of plastic and two quarter-mile roads in Pennsylvania that likewise use plastic equivalent to nearly 150K plastic bags.

Wait long enough, and throwing plastic trash from your moving car window won't even be littering anymore, just routine maintenance! What a strange world we live in.

magnets, how do they work? gif

Electreon, a company in Israel, has developed technology to charge EVs wirelessly while they drive.

It sounds kinda simple, actually... Copper coils installed under the road and another attached to the bottom of the vehicle create a magnetic field that charges the vehicle's battery. It's the same way wireless phone chargers work.

  • Balingen, Germany, will begin testing the tech on a 1000-yard road frequented by electric city buses.
  • Michigan will begin testing two short stretches of the tech later this year.
  • Several other US states are considering tests of the technology within the next few years.

It’s good to recharge while you drive, it's why we only listen to bluegrass in the car. What about you?

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