Tesla Has Record Q1

Tesla took first place in EV sales from the previous market leader: Tesla. Should be interesting when 2023 comes around and legacy OEMs roll out their competition…
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Tesla Has Record Q1

Try to read the news without seeing something about Tesla or their Twitter cowboy CEO, Elon Musk. You can't. Love them or hate them, their influence on the electric vehicle and related markets is too prominent to ignore. Following weeks of price increases, SEC subpoenas, and supply chain shake-ups, they announced some bright news for the company Saturday. 

New Q, who dis? Tesla delivered a record number of vehicles in Q1 2022. Deliveries this year surpassed last year's deliveries by 68% and Wall Street projections by over 1000 vehicles. Tesla opened a new gigafactory in Germany last month and claims existing supply deals should insulate them against much of the slowdowns seen across other OEMs. Automakers Toyota, GM, and Hyundai, announced Q1 had lower US sales than a year previous.

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