Water Trains, Car Brains, and Battery Gains

TL:DR — Hydrogen trains in Germany, Apple software in cars, and a spare battery in EVs.
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Water Trains, Car Brains, and Battery Gains

Germany has paid $92m for hydrogen-powered trains to replace the existing diesel fleet. The 14 trains will take over routes in the country's north and have a 620-mile range with a max speed of nearly 90 MPH. The German rail network will reduce C02 emissions by more than 460 tons per year. 

Why? Everybody is tired of Russia's nonsense. The ever-diminishing reliability of energy trade with, let's call it what it is, Putin has many European countries moving away from fossil fuels a bit quicker than they already were. 

Apple wants to get in your car - like IN YOUR CAR. The new version of the CarPlay software takes control of every screen, no matter what automaker software is already there. 

Why? Your data is big business. Estimates say vehicle data will be worth up to $400b annually by 2030. Maybe it's all for the sake of the user's convenience? Yeah, that must be it. 😒

EcoFlow Delta Max is a 47lb mobile charger for EVs that wants to be the jerry can of the future! With 2.0 kW of charging power and a deceptively small size for its weight, it could become a trusty companion for any EV owner. However, at $1,800 and just 47 minutes of drive time in a recent test, many EV owners may opt to be more mindful of having a full charge before leaving home. 

Why? Have you ever had a conversation with your father-in-law about EVs that didn't wander into "What if you get stranded?" land? EcoFlow has not.

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