Ben-stocks, Negative For Positivity, and Crossfitters Pressing Fuel Prices

April 1, 2022
Today’s episode cover some shocking news from the Negative test results for David Long, A New Automotive-inspired crypto currency, and harvesting human energy to replace internal combustion.
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Crossfitters Pressing Fuel Prices with a new app designed by Dealer, Patrick Abad.

Dealer made crypto is blowing the doors off what fungible even means.

Shocking negative test throws David Long’s pandemic into a tizzy.

A dealership in space? It was only a matter of time.

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Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:23

Good morning, troublemakers. We made it to April. q1 is over. We made the April, we have some amazing, ridiculous things to talk about today. Like, did you ever think a dealer would issue their own cryptocurrency? Well, they are. The people really want to know. They stopped doing so many things to talk about today, you know, the spirit of innovate 

Kyle Mountsier  00:44

so much news out there. Yeah, it's it's quite wild. 

Paul Daly  00:49

Look, I mean, we're big fans of the dealer body and the innovation that happens when dealers and industry partners push back together. But but some of these articles say, really surprised me. You know, q1 was full of news. It was full of stuff. There wasn't like that low. We're like, what are we going to talk about today? Like, every day, there's something new

Kyle Mountsier  01:08

every single day, and and today does not disappoint when it comes to news for sure. I mean, the automotive industry is quick is is pacing so fast right now. And especially the people that are making the most trouble. Some of those people like, you know, even our investors to everybody, they they are, they're full speed ahead at new challenges. And yeah, I'm just excited to talk about what's going to happen in q2, based on all that.

Paul Daly  01:37

Yeah, I mean, we decided to highlight our investors today, and we've been talking about them a little bit. But we really didn't get into how much they are actually innovating in the space. You know, we knew some of the stuff there's not you know about when you have friends, right? You hear stuff before it's public. Um, so we knew some of this stuff was in the works. But um, let's start. Let's start in Georgia. Right, Georgia makes sense. I don't I don't know if you've ever been to Georgia, the Atlanta area, but like people in Georgia, they enjoy big beefy trucks. Trucks in Georgia. 

Kyle Mountsier  02:07

I remember I've got jokes that go around that for sure. And I bet there's probably a lot of if you if you need it, it's the whole like, if you need a if you need a step stool to get into to your into the truck. So that's how you know

Paul Daly  02:23

jokes. Like how do you say it without saying yes, exactly. This this is coming out of Atlanta, Georgia, our investor Patrick Abad. So this is his attempt, like that's his store, and his culture is all about community. And they have an amazing fitness facility in their, in their facility. Like I never have seen a real life fitness facility in a dealership that was like a pro level locker room. I'm at that level. Most of the time. It's like, you know, you got to if you got a bench press, and that's about it. Right now. We're talking to full equipment, shower facilities, even a washer and dryer, so that he was like, yeah, like the singles. He's like, they'll work out here. They'll do their laundry here, they'll eat breakfast here. And so it doesn't surprise us that there's a large CrossFit community around beaver Toyota, and there's, you know, a lot of resident CrossFitters in the store. And they're literally like, they have a network of like 1000 CrossFitters. And our investor and GM Patrick BOD, so real opportunity, especially as fuel prices have been what they are. Because what CrossFitters like the push and pull heavy things, right. And people like to save money. Yeah, exactly. And and when you think about like CrossFit, everything is around community, everything is about Yeah, I have a joke. Someone does CrossFit. Because they tell you in the first five seconds of your conversation, because they tell you not Yeah, exactly. Yes. For vegan.

Kyle Mountsier  03:46

Exactly. Yeah. So it's all about community. And what what he's done is kind of rallied around rally these CrossFitters that all use his facility, you know, they they on a daily basis us because they have a large amount of tires in stock for these big trucks. And so they they regularly for the tires. Yep, exactly. But now they're putting all of that energy, that community to good use.

Paul Daly  04:11

So tell them what they're doing well, so Patrick developed some tech that allows you to pair up CrossFitters with vehicle owners. And what they do is you can dial it up just like an Uber, you can dial up a crossfitter and actually they will push your car or your car as far as the hill they'll push your car sometimes you can you can specify Do you want one, two or three depending on where you're driving the push the cars up the hills, which is obviously the most fuel taxing on the vehicle, and then they hop in or if you have a big truck, they probably hop on and they coast down the hill. Department of Energy actually has reached out to see if they can fund this project and a little lighter. So

Kyle Mountsier  04:52

well think about it. Like we talked about the network or the ability to scale things all the time, especially when you're talking about gas and EVS and crosses. is a built in nationwide network that's going to allow the Department of Energy to really enable communities. I mean, think about it's just a genius play it's going to be franchised and scaled up. So Patrick, the innovator ever, ever innovating. 

Paul Daly  05:14

Let's move on to speaking of innovation. Segue okay? There's there's a dealer in New York City and he happens to sell more Honda's than everybody else. Right? Just talking about Brian benstock. And if you've seen him, you've probably either seen him selling vehicles or like, I don't like crushing it in the gym that he owns. So we get we were spending a little time with him at the triple A s summit by the pool, and we're talking about cryptocurrency, and he's like, I don't know, I like tangible things. I like real things. Right? And I gave him a book on Bitcoin called the Bitcoin standard. And wouldn't you know it? He's released his own. He's releasing his own cryptocurrency called

Kyle Mountsier  05:59

Ben Well, and we know this about we know this about Brian is that is that when he sinks his teeth into something, he goes all in I mean, a guy that's run over 25 marathons. You don't think that if he gets a book on Bitcoin and on cryptocurrency that he's not gonna lean in really quickly? And so? Yeah, we're really excited to see.

Paul Daly  06:18

Yeah, maybe maybe I have some. Well, here's the thing. Here's the thing, really, we talked about? We're talking about tangible tokens and non fungible right intangibles, but at some point, we're moving to metaphysical. So let me read from the automotive State of the Union article this morning. Because our writer Chris asked, Where do we signed up it says interested parties need only practice discipline in their lives to earn the coins, no wallet is required. Brian says, quote, I know how many you have at all times, and I will let you know when you've earned enough. And some might ask, but But where can you spend it? And Brian responds, Ben stocks are the currency of everything. You're spending it right now even as you doubt so

Kyle Mountsier  06:59

Exactly. And then he he just i We have a video of him. We didn't want to share it but he just went hashtag ten X right at the end. It was really, you know, it, he just wrapped everything and brought it all together for Well, the

Paul Daly  07:13

interesting thing is so Grant Cardone is a lot of people in the auto industry know love them hate him. So when grant found out that Brian kind of got the jump on this, because you know, they kind of hang out a little bit and they have some real estate investing. All of a sudden, Grant cardones starts calling because he's he's like, I missed I missed the one right? You got to get in on the second so um, so now we have dealers developing technology to combat a global retail problem, right fuel prices, and now we have a dealer who is relatively new to the crypto space launching their very own cryptocurrency. So I mean, it's only it's only April 1, it's it's only like the first day of q2, and we're already getting this far. Um, let's see, today's gonna be a little bit of

Kyle Mountsier  07:53

even more more innovation this morning. And we're getting outside of the US outside of the global game. And Paul, we're going we're going to space, wouldn't you believe it just last month,

Paul Daly  08:05

we were talking about Brian Kramer. Again, one of our investors investors. Just entering in the metaverse, which most dealers were saying that is far, far ahead of the future of where automotive needs to be like we barely even tackled the digital game. And here moving into the next month. It is it is clear that Brian Kramer is taking even the next step. maybe call it one small step for man, one giant leap for Brian Kramer, and he is headed into a dealership in space. Absolutely incredible land grab for him. What? So he has you probably seen him run around with like Oculus goggles on. Right. And I think I think I don't know, I'm just I'm guessing but I think what happened was he got like a little taste of what it is to be first. You know, what, all of a sudden, like he announced the BT transact first automotive transaction in the metaverse and then it blew up or like Wall Street Journal wants to talk to him all these people want to talk to him. And I think he's just like, Alright, I'm gonna I'm gonna leapf  rog to the next thing. And hey, like, if you know anything about a dealer, if there are people there any amount of people, they're gonna try some some cars. 

Kyle Mountsier  09:14

Yeah, exactly. I mean, there's, there's, there's at least 15 people on the space station throughout the year. And those people need cars, too.

Paul Daly  09:20

 They do. And they think about it. It's almost like it's almost like when soldiers are overseas, right? Having someone to take care of your family take care of your needs. When you get back. What do I do with this car while I'm gone? Right. They're all just really relevant problems. And it doesn't. It doesn't surprise me that he's already teaming up with Blue Origin to get customers to and from, right test drive, but you got it. A lot of people still want the test drive the data shows that. So how are you going to get a test drive? Well, you need a ride to the dealership. It's a little outside Uber's range, so Blue Origin. And so when we asked it's called axiom space, and when we asked axiom space liaison, Venus Armstrong first statement, she said, Who are you and how to get in my car. So if you ever met christ if he just got my car I'd be like, with you with who you're with. We have one more story because we have to hop into the all things used car clubhouse room, which is every Friday, by the way, at 9am. Eastern David Long, runs an amazing us Carver and we're about to jump in there right now. But first we have to talk about a little news that came out that honestly, it probably spurred a lot of text messages like from you, me and other David's other friends. It really centers around emotion and mimic of positivity movement. Kyle, you're actually on the board of pandemic of positivity, how did the news hit you?

Kyle Mountsier  10:36

Well, the the board this morning has has been distraught. Because we we really, really believed in in what David was bringing to not just the automotive industry, but the global kind of efforts toward positivity, especially during these hard times and and to find out that he tested negative for positivity is it's a shocking result. And and so we're trying to come around his family come around him and we've got some inventions set up. But, you know,

Paul Daly  11:06

do you think he knew it was coming? Like you think you think when he took the test? He was like this is the moment when when everybody realizes laws reveal, it's not actually contagious? Like I've been selling it as a pandemic. And like, I don't even have it. He doesn't even have it. I know, he knew. I don't think, you know, like, if he knows, then we have a problem. But if he's just like, he's an optimistic guy, you know, I get trapped in optimism I get trapped in like,

Kyle Mountsier  11:33

I think that's what it was. I think it was this trap between optimism and positivity. And and so you know, the optimism won over and called itself positivity on the outside but there's just so much more going on in in that space than then what we can know and and it's sad to see that it's not contagious because I was we were really pulling for him.

Paul Daly  11:53

I actually felt positive for a while. Right right. I was feeling positive for a while and I don't know maybe it's one of those like psychosomatic things sometimes you like you feel like you have something but you really don't. So and that we were gonna have to find a source of positivity in another area. If not, you can at least come back here on Monday, April 4, sign up for the email, a soda calm we have a lot more articles just like these today. Share it up and go make some trouble.